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Wardrobe Stylist: Ylianna Danko 
Stylist: Ylianna Danko, Dress: Vogue Boutique Officiel, Lether Suit: Sotropa, Shoes: Oxvy Shoes, Glovs: Valenti Glovs, Beret: Jullie Anne Millinery, Accessories & Scarf: Accessories Avenue, Mua: Ketrushka Ekaterina, Photography: Ala Melnic 


My baby's got a temper

Photographer Dario Tucci 
Model Daniele Scalera 
Makeup Artist Giovanna Macera


Motel number 8

Model: Alina 
Photographer: Margarita Babenosheva 
Assistant: Ekaterina Zakolotneva 



Photographer Daniel Emperador 
Male Model Babacar Tandine
Wardrobe Stylist Fabiola Ricci 


I Want Your Love

Photographer/Retoucher: Abel Barrios

Model: Sebastian Zanko

Fashion Designer: Idol José 


Twinkling Concrete 

Photographer: Patrick Steinhaus 
Model: Sophie Bee
Retoucher: Pixel Retouch 

Vian Borchert



My name is Vian Borchert, I am an established expressionist visual artist. I've been creating art professionally for many years.  I consider my artwork as a form of visual poetry. My artwork is inspired by nature and the environment. 

Ramond Mangaroo



Ramond Mangaroo is a pillar of the community who is humble and has great aspirations in accomplishing anything he puts his mind on.

Olivia molina Avellaneda



When I wanted to be an actress I became one in one of the most famous Tv shows at the time, when I wanted to have a makeup company I did it, when I wanted to have 1 million dollars I made it happen, everything I really want I can make it happen if I set up my mind to it