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Ramond Mangaroo

Male Model/Photographer/Retoucher: Ramond Mangaroo @n.a.s.i.r.n

Ramond Mangaroo is a pillar of the community who is humble and has great aspirations in accomplishing anything he puts his mind on.  

He has a Master’s Degree in business management in which he hopes to establish a business of arts for individuals who are looking to inspire others and change the world. His daily routine includes catering to the homeless population and encouraging others through his photography. He loves to travel, meet new people, and learn everyday if possible.

Tell us something about you. Maybe your life, profession, habit, dream. 

 My early life was pretty difficult. I was a young man growing into a world without any guidance. I didn't know what I wanted to do with my life. There were a lot of negative impacts. I dropped out of college, I was arrested, and I was even homeless at one point. Despite that, I was always blessed to have the right people in my corner. I faced a lot of adversities and questioned a lot of choices that didn't pan out. However, I had a goal to succeed and make a difference in the world. I didn't want to be categorized stereotypically. I wanted to show my environment that it would not break me but instead inspire me to do more. Due to this learning and growing mentality, I try to do more every day to reach my accomplishments. 

What makes you choose this profession?

Photography became an integral part of my life due to my passion for traveling and meeting people. I enjoy hearing stories about their lives and learning about the many differences between cultures. I wanted to capture those intimate and personal conversations without words. This was a connection that intrigued and inspired me to capture people. As such, I became more intuned with photography and it inspired me to think differently. It allowed me to feel and be free. 

Could you share how you expand your vision of art and fashion?

I expand my vision of art and fashion by extending a hidden part of my subjects. I get to know how my subjects portray themselves in life and then compare that to art and fashion. This allows me to have a subtle but deeper meaning in my work without being too over the top. My vision is like a "Manifestation" of growth. 

In your daily routine, what resources do you like to learn new things about art and fashion?

I usually follow and learn from other photographers that inspire me. I analyze their vision to determine why they captured this idea? What story were they trying to tell? These questions allow me to think on a deeper level of expression and ways that I can tell my story with subtlety. 

Is art and fashion important in your life? Why?

Art and Fashion are very important to me. I believe that it is a genre for many to express themselves to which words alone cannot describe. It is a way for us to understand the psychological aspect of the individual. It is a way for us to connect with one another creatively without any boundaries. 

If you have a superpower or talent, which one do you wish to have? Why?

My superpower would only be to inspire. I want everyone to be inspired by my work to follow their dreams and open their minds to creativity. Our imagination is limitless. With inspiration, any idea can become reality to make a difference in the world. So, inspiring others would be my superpower any day. 

Do you have any problems with your profession? How did you solve it?

I have not run into any problems at all with my profession. At times it may be slow when it comes to work, however, I have the support that I need. It's always best to have an idea and end goal of what you want to capture before you capture it. This eliminates almost any issues or problems. 

Who do people impact most in your profession? What do you learn from them?

I think normal everyday people are impacted by my work. They love the images and they want to be a part of that storytelling. It gives them the courage to put themselves in front of the seeing eye. It gives them the power to express themselves and be themselves. In that, I learn who they truly are. I learn their feelings of pride and fears all in one shot. This is why this profession is truly great. It takes no prisoners.  

What do you think about your work? Is it what you like, or simply saying a dream?

I would describe my work as a "Manifestation". It is something clear, straightforward, easy to understand; yet, it demonstrates some type of feeling from the subject. My work is showing a photographer growing in the arts. I would think that my work is a dream that I never knew. As I continue to grow in my work, it is becoming a dream that I am starting to know. 

In modern society, lots of people want to be famous and influential. What do you think about it?

I think that a lot of people just want to be heard. We are humans that thrive on connectivity. No one can be an island. We need love, support, commitment, and passion to sometimes feel whole. In a way, we all want to inspire someone. We all want to change the world in some way and this is why we all want to be calculated as famous or influential. 

To become famous, what kind of qualities do you think the person should have?

To be famous, I think a person should mostly be humble. Know where you came from and what you are blessed to have. Be attentive and determined in all aspects of life. Strive for what you want and do not be afraid to help others achieve their goals as well. These are only a few qualities I believe that anyone particularly famous should have. 

What will be the suggestions to new photographers?

I would tell them to follow their dreams. It's not going to be easy. There are going to be pitfalls, times when you want to quit, and you don't see the end goal. Nevertheless, they should invest in themselves and their future. Do what you love and never second guess it. 

What is your favorite camera? Why?

I am a fan of printed work. I have always had the idea of creating a home with beautiful photos of my own creation. As a result of my idea, my favorite camera would be the Fujifilm GFx 100. It is a spectacular camera that enables you to slow down and fully focus on what you are truly trying to create.  With its great color rendition It allows me to connect with my subject visually and deliver ideas that I never thought possible.

How do you prepare for your new shoot?

To prepare for a new shoot, I always gather resources regarding the theme that I am going for. I determine the end goal of the shoot and try to stick with that general idea. I always test my gear to ensure they are operating correctly. You want the experience to be streamlined so that you will have more time to emphasize a particular shot that you may like. Finding the appropriate locations is key as well. But most importantly, I always get to know my subjects before the shoot. Learn about them and understand what they are trying to portray in their images as well. After all, the subject is the most important thing when preparing for a shoot. 

Where does your inspiration come from?

My inspirations come from many great photographers from all over the world. Whether they are professionals or amateurs, I learn from them all. This is why  inspiration is so great, you can get it from anywhere. 

What are the most difficulties during your shoots?

I think we all can agree that the main difficulty of a shoot is when equipment fails to work! It takes away time from the shoot and loses the creative flow. This is why I stress always checking and double-checking equipment before a session.

How often do you create new works?

I try to create new works as much as possible to find a creative path that works best for me. Though creativity can be limitless, I like to visualize it, study it, and recreate it before shooting a session. 

What is the most important thing for creating new work?

The most important thing for creating a new work is to always have a vision. It doesn't matter if you are recreating an idea that has already been done. As long as you have a vision for that idea or any vision at all, creativity will never stop. Having a vision is having a goal. 

Do you have that feeling? When you have a look at the work you created 1 or 2 years ago, you still think it is in fashion. 

As we continue our craft, there will always be a time when you will grow. When I look back at the work created a year ago, I can see the changes in my vision. I can see myself being more so now, relatable to fashion than before. It takes time and persistence, but eventually, we all will look back at years of work and see our own self-growth. 

Will you still create new works when you are old?

If I am blessed to be old, I would hope that my passion for creativity never runs out. It is what fuels me now and I can't imagine not having that fuel to continue inspiring others. 

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