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Olivia molina Avellaneda

Female Model: Olivia Molina Avellaneda @molina.oliviaa
Makeup Artist: Muah : Terezka Fras @terezcafras
Fashion Designer: Fendi @fendi

Please give us a introduction about yourself

I am Olivia molina Avellaneda, a mom, actress, model and entrepreneur @molina.oliviaa is my Instagram 

Why do you like your profession? It is one of the dreams that you wanted to achieve when  you were a child? 

Yes, everything I ever wanted I made it happen, that’s what life is all about 

What have you done to achieve this dream, or your profession? 

Work extremely hard and set up goals 

Where do you learn from others to help you to improve your profession?

The father of my kids is my biggest inspiration 

Give us some examples of the achievements that made you proud.

When I wanted to be an actress I became one in one of the most famous Tv shows at the time, when I wanted to have a makeup company I did it, when I wanted to have 1 million dollars I made it happen, everything I really want I can make it happen if I set up my mind to it 

People say that when a person gives up easily when others doubt their ability, what do you think?

I think that you should never stop trying 

Do you have any idols in your profession, or someone that you want to become?

Yes, my only idol is Greg the father of my kids 

As a model, how do you maintain a fit body? Do you do exercise?

I exercise regularly, and I usually fast 20hs a day 

Give us some inspiration about fashion, or what do you think about fashion?

Fashion is about actitud 

Do you think that fashion is an important part of people’s daily routine?

Depends, for me it is, but for my boyfriend for example it isn’t. He wears the same outfit everyday because he doesn’t want to waste time thinking what to wear (of course he has 10000 outfits that are the same) 

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